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Pamela Summers


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Lime Green Raku 14"x5" 

Turquoise Bottle 9
Turquoise Bottle 9"X5" 
Turquoise Raku 12
Turquoise Raku 12"X7"
Paprika Luster Group
Paprika Luster Group
Golden Luster  10
Golden Luster 10"X8"
Raku Luster group
Raku Luster group
Midnight Blue Luster 6
Midnight Blue Luster 6" x 7"
Moss Luster 6
Moss Luster 6"X8"
Ferric Luster Raku 7
Ferric Luster Raku 7"X6"
Midnight Blue Luster 11
Midnight Blue Luster 11"x12"
White Raku 7
White Raku 7"x3.5"
Moss Luster  3
Moss Luster 3"X7"
Salt Saggar Raku 16
Salt Saggar Raku 16"X8"
Tall Saggar Raku 13
Tall Saggar Raku 13"x8"
Salt Sagger Raku 12
Salt Sagger Raku 12"x15"

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